Fishing for Sheepshead

Fishing for Sheepshead
How to Catch Sheepshead
Fiddler Crab

Sheepshead are an inshore member of the porgy family. They are a thick, flat fish that has prominent black bars on its white to greyish body, giving the Sheepshead one …

Catch Sheepshead from the Jetty

Fishing Florida Jetties for Sheepshead

Sheepshead are one of the best tasting fish that can be caught from Florida’s Shores. Their meat is a light flavored flaky white meat, and it has a similar flavor …


Our editors Blog

Editors Blog: July 2016

Welcome to the July 2016 edition of Florida Shore Fishing Editors Blog.  In this blog entry I am going to write about whats


Sheepshead (fish)

The Sheepshead gets its name from its mouth full of teeth that resemble those of its namesake.  The large protruding teeth are used for cracking and crushing shellfish of all

October – Sheepshead Move Inshore

In the early parts of winter one of the most popular fish to catch from Florida Shores is the Sheepshead. In late September/Early October the Sheepshead start to migrate inshore …

How to Attract Sheepshead

Fishing for Sheepshead
How to Catch Sheepshead

Attracting Sheepshead
The ever popular Sheepshead can be a difficult fish to catch because of its massive amounts of strong teeth and bony mouth, but there is a way to help ensure …

Sheepshead Moving Inshore for The Fall

sheepsheadA fish migration that can lead to a busy day fishing and a full cooler of tasty fish, is that still possible with all the restrictions found around Florida? It …

Light Wire Circle Hooks for Sheepshead

Sheepshead migrate inshore during the winter in Florida.  These fish are often found around pylons of bridges/piers, rock piles, oyster beds and anywhere that has barnacle growth.  Feeding primarily on …

Sheepshead – My love hate relationship!

I have been fishing Florida’s Shores for over 25 years now.  I have learned many things,  and have many things yet to learn.  I have developed techniques and found fish …

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Circle Hook Sheepshead

Sheepshead are running strong in Florida Shore waters right now. They are one of the more tricky fish to catch because of their extremely tough mouths and large teeth. Many …

Editors Blog: Welcome to 2016 would like to welcome our readers to 2016. In this, our second edition of the Editors Blog, I will be giving a look back at the year that was …

Editors Blog: 10/26/2015

Welcome to the first edition of’s Editors Blog. This blog will is intended to be a monthly update from the editor on what is new, what is coming soon …

Editors Blog: July 2016

Welcome to the July 2016 edition of Florida Shore Fishing Editors Blog.  In this blog entry I am going to write about whats new here at and a brief …

Sheepshead on the ICW

I spent the better part of the evening fishing from a few docks on the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) in search of the elusive Sheepshead. For the first hour or two …

Report: Florida Sheepshead

Todays fishing trip was to some docks that I frequent around the Halifax River. Armed with live shrimp and fiddler crabs I planed on targeting Sheepshead and did so successfully!…

Sheepshead are Running Thick

Every year as the water temperature cool there is a migration inshore. The Sheepshead that spend most of their time off shore in deeper waters begin to move inshore for …


In my continuing effort to expand the Species Profile section of Florida Shore Fishing I have just posted a profile of the Sheepshead.

Here is a quick excerpt:


How To Catch

Limit of Mangrove Snapper

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Have you ever wanted to blog about fishing from Florida Shores?

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East Central Florida – April


Shore based anglers fishing the waters of coastal Volusia County from Ormond/Daytona Beach south to New Smyrna and Mosquito Lagoon will benefit from the spring time migration of inshore …

Report: ICW Near Ponce Inlet

Today I spent the day fishing from a dock on the Inter Coastal Waterway Just north of Ponce Inlet. I did not have a specific target in mind, this trip …

Report – SunGlow Pier

Carl, Mike and I decided to take the morning and head out to sunglow pier in Daytona Beach Shores. We arrived just before sunrise to a VERY foggy and cool …

Cool Weather Fish are Arriving

In the surf, the cool weather fish are starting to show up.  Reports of Blue Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Sheepshead and Pompano are starting to come in.  These fish are most …