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Flounder Migration

Posted in: Jetties

As the waters around Florida begin cooling off many of the large flounder will start to migrate off shore.  These flounder can be rather large and are easy to target from the jetties around inlets.

Where to Find Migrating Flounder

Any inlet or pass will have migrating flounder in it during the late fall and early winter in Florida.  Areas with jetties or piers around the inlet make for great flounder fishing.

How to Catch Migrating Flounder

Flounder do not move fast.  Even when migrating they move fairly slow and stay on the bottom.  A good rig to catch them on is a 2/0 circle hook with a 1′ leader to a barrel swivel.  Above the swivel use enough weight to hold bottom.  Bait the hook with a finger mullet and SLOWLY drag it across the bottom.  When a flounder hits, give them 10-20 seconds to get the bait and hook in their mouth, then reel them in!

What to Look For

Out going tides work best for migrating flounder.  They are lazy and like to let the water do the work for them.  Look for areas of fast moving water with slower moving near by.  Flounder will often be found on the boundaries.