Black Drum in the Surf

I had the day off today and I figured I would take advantage by relaxing on New Smyrna Beach. Being the avid angler that I am I had to bring a fishing pole with me!

The day was slow for fishing. Not much going on most of the morning until I hear my click start to talk to me. It was just a slow “tick tick tick”. I look at the rod and see it moving in that distinct way when a fish is on.

I pick up my Ambassador rig and I feel a slight tug on the line. Because I was using circle hooks, no need to set the hook, I just start to real it in. I am greeted with a spunky fight. No runs or drag pulled, but a fun fight none-the-less.

To my delight, I pulled in a nice Black Drum. One of my favorite fish as table fare!

The rest of the day was fairly slow. A few small whiting and a few small bonnet head sharks. Overall, a good day on the beach with a few fish to boot!