Black Drum

Black Drum - Learn how about the Black Drum, including how to catch and identify it

The Black Drum is one of the most popular inshore fish for food.  They are rather good up to 24", after which the meat looses flavor and become coarse.

Black Drum are very similar in all aspects to their cousin, the Red Fish.

Species Name Pogonias Cromis
Size Black drum average around 2-5 pounds, 10-20 pound fish are not uncommon and the largest exceed 100 pounds.
Food Value Excellent.  Fish up to 24" are very good, bigger than that they start to loose flavor and texture.
Fight Strong but not fast.  Not many runs other than extremely large fish that get off runs purely
because of brut force.
Equipment Black Drum can be caught on just about any rig.  For fish intended for the table spinning or bait casting gear works well.  For the larger fish heavy spinning and ocean gear is best.
Baits Live Shrimp small crabs and cut blue crabs are the best baits.  They are not often caught on lures but will be taken from time to time on a slowly worked jig.
Limits Slot: 12"-24"
Bag Limit: 5

One over 24" allowed

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regulated fish.