Pompano (fish)

Pompano - Learn all about the pompano. Including how to catch and identify it.

One of the most prized fish on the table, the Pompano is also one of the best fighters, pound for pound, that can be caught from the shore.

Easily confused with Permit, the Pompano can be distinguished by its yellow belly and shorter fins.

Species Name Trachinotus carolinus
Size Pompano average 1 pound and are common up to 2lbs.
Food Value One of the very best.  Pompano is prized for its firm tasty meat and is top of the list for many inshore anglers.
Fight One of the best fights pound-for-pound.  Compared to other fish its size it is faster and stronger.  The Pompano uses its flat sides and large forked tail to its advantage and when matched with lighter gear will real off a very nice first run.
Equipment Pompano are very good at detecting thick line and large hooks.  A spinning or bait casting rig with a 10-15lb leader works best for this fish.
Baits Nothing out fishes live sand fleas, a pompanos favorite meal.  They will, however, happily accept shrimp, clams and fiddler crabs.  Pompano will take jigs and some flies.
Limits Slot: 11″-20″ to fork
Bag Limit: 6 (aggregate with Permit)
One over 20″ allowed

Although we try to keep our database up to date, be sure to check with the FWC before harvesting any regulated fish.

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