The Redfish, also known as the Red Drum, is one of the best inshore fighters.  They are also one of the best on the table, making this fish the top of the list for many anglers.
Species Name Sciaenops ocellatus
Size Averages 2-12bs, common up to 30lbs but can reach 90+
Food Value One of the best, up to about 10 pounds.  Larger fish loose the firmness and become course.
Fight Redfish display both brute strength and stamina.  They are well known for long, strong runs that are followed up only by another run!
Equipment For smaller Redfish spinning and baitcasting gear is plenty.  The larger fish require a little bit strong gear.  For the largest fish small ocean gear will get action and large spinning and baitcasting gear will be a challenge for the anger. 
Baits Live finger mullet are the best but many small live fish will produce.  Live shrimp and small crabs work well too.  Redfish will often take spoons, jigs, plugs and flies.
Limits Slot: 18"-27"
Bag Limit: 1

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