Sheepshead (fish)

The Sheepshead gets its name from its mouth full of teeth that resemble those of its namesake.  The large protruding teeth are used for cracking and crushing shellfish of all types.

A very strong fish that is also quite tasty.

Species Name Archosargus probatocephalus
Size Average Sheepshead range from 1 pound to around 4 pounds.  Fairly common up to 7 pounds and maxing out around 20 pounds.
Food Value One of the absolute best.  The Sheepshead diet of shellfish gives the meat a similar flavor.
Fight A very strong fish with a very soft bite.  Sheepshead use their flat shape to their advantage and can pull quite hard.
Equipment Just about any saltwater equipment will work but the most important part of the rig  is the hook.  Sheepshead are also known as convict fish because of their stripes and ability to steal bait.  A small, strong and VERY sharp hook will help increase hookups.
Baits Fiddler crabs are the best bait.  Cut shrimp, clams, oysters and cut blue crab also work well.
Limits Min: 12″
Bag limit: 15

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