Snook profile

Snook are not only prized for their sporty fight but they are also quite fine table fare. Because of this they have been over fished and strict limits have been placed on them.
Species Name Centropomus undecimalis
Size Averages 5-15lbs but can reach 50+
Food Value One of the highest ranked fish!  The filets are comparably larger than most other fish of the same size and a white and quite light.  .
Fight Also ranked high.  Snook have been known to use power, speed and athletic jumps to shake a hook.  The larger fish are quite strong and will challenge any angler.
Equipment Snook are perfect to challenge spinning gear and baitcasters.  When fishing passes with live bait light ocean gear will get great action with the bigger fish.  Because of strict slots and limits circle hooks are recommended.  
Baits Croakers, mullet and pinfish top the list of live baits.  Other live fish and shrimp will also work well.  Snook are quite aggressive toward lures and can be caught on flies as well.
Limits Slot: 28"-32"
Bag Limit: 1 (Snook stamp required)

Although we try to keep our database up to date, be sure to check with the FWC before harvesting any regulated fish.