The Silver King is one of the largest and strongest inshore fish around.  Famous for a spectacular fight with lots for runs and acrobatic jumps, the Tarpon is one of the top game fish.
Species Name Megalops atlanticus
Size Averages 50-75lbs but can reach near 300.
Food Value None.  Prized for its fight, not its meat.
Fight The Tarpon is famous for its fight.  It puts on a show for any angler who hooks into one.  With strong runs and frequent jumps Tarpon are quite the challenge!
Equipment Tarpon come in all sizes so the equipment should match the size of tarpon targeted. Larger tarpon require heavy ocean gear while medium size tarpon are fun on heavy baitcasting gear.  Circle hooks are recommended to aid in a safe and healthy release.  
Baits Mullet and Squirrel Fish are the top live baits but tarpon will also take most small live fish and live crabs.  They are known to take many lures and are often caught on flies.
Limits Slot: none
Bag Limit: 1 ($50.00 kill tag required to harvest fish)

Although we try to keep our database up to date, be sure to check with the FWC before harvesting any regulated fish.