Florida Shrimp Run – How to Clean Your Catch

This is the 3rd post in the series “Florida Shrimp Run”

Now that the 5-gallon bucket has been filled full of fresh shrimp caught in the Florida Shrimp Run, it is time to clean and preserve your catch!

Step 1 – Remove the Heads

In one hand hold the shrimp firmly. With the index finger and thumb of the other hand grab the head using a pinching motion. Twist quickly and the head will pop off!

Another technique is to put the shrimp on a cutting board, and using a drinking glass press the glass firmly at the joint of the head and the tail. This will separate the two parts!

Step 2 – Freeze the Shrimp

The best way to preserve fresh shrimp is to vacuum seal the shrimp and then freeze it. If a vacuum sealer is not available the next best option is to fill a zip-loc style ¾ full of shrimp and the fill it with water. The will turn to ice and keep air off the shrimp!

Step 3 – Thaw and Enjoy!