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How to Catch Whiting

By: Daniel Hagan - Managing Editor

How to Catch Whiting

Whiting are a staple for Florida shore fishing. They are fairly easy to catch, rather abundant and also quite tasty.

Fishing for Whiting – Tackle

Whiting do not have any special tackle requirements. They very rarely get over two pounds so just about any rod/reel combo will be strong enough to handle even the largest fish.

How to Catch WhitingWhiting have fairly small mouths so an appropriate size hook should be selected. The hook can be as large as 2/0 but a #2 will be a little more successful. Circle hooks tend to work very well with whiting and help prevent gut hooking them.

A 10-20lb leader will be sufficient for whiting. They do not have teeth and no sharp gill slits. The only concern is that they often inhabit the same areas as bonnet head sharks that can cut through a leader.

Fishing for Whiting – Bait

The best bait for whiting is live sand fleas. Sand fleas can be caught on the beach using a sand rake our bought at select bait shops. Other effective baits include live or fresh shrimp, cut clams and oysters.

Whiting are not often caught on lures but may take a small jig from time to time.

Fishing for Whiting – Presentation

When fishing in the surf it is best to soak the bait in the through. This is the area where the waves are breaking. Whiting tend to patrol this area looking for sand fleas that have been uncovered by the waves. Use a heavy enough sinker to hold the bottom and no heavier.

When fishing inlets, channels or other waterways use the lightest weigh possible and allow the bait to sit on the bottom. Whiting have sensitive barbells that they use to search for food from the bottom.