Mangrove Snapper Rig

A frequent question that I am asked is what rig do I use to catch Mangrove Snapper from Piers or Docks, and it is pretty simple.

Mangrove Snapper have fairly good eyesight and are very skilled bait stealers. Because of these two traits a Mangrove Snapper Rig has to be modified slightly from other bottom rigs used on Florida Shores.

Here are the items needed:

  • #1-1/0 Circle Hook
  •  ½-1 oz. Egg sinker
  • 1 small bead
  • 1 barrel swivel
  • 20lb test mono or fluorocarbon

How to build a Mangrove Snapper Rig

  • Thread egg sinker onto main line (use only as much weight as needed to get to the bottom)
  • Thread bead onto main line
  • Tie barrel swivel onto main line
  •  Tie 2-4’ leader of 20lb test to the swivel
  •  Tie the circle hook to the end of the leader.


This rig has been used to catch many Mangrove Snapper from Florida Shores!