Florida Winter Shrimp Run – How To Catch Shrimp

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The winter shrimp run here in Florida is heavily concentrated on the East Central coast.  As the shrimp are heading out to deep waters, they pass by many areas that they can be caught from the shore, here is how!

Lighting Setup

The most effective lighting set up is to submerge a light deep enough that there is only a faint glow visible.  The shrimp that are running are not attracted to light; they are in fact deterred by it.  Having just a slight glow will not chase the shrimp off and will be enough to see the shrimp as they swim past.

Dip Net Techniques

The shrimp that are running usually do so in the upper levels of the water.  They swim with the out going tide on their way out to see.  The best way to catch them is to have the dip net in the water up current of the light field, when a shrimp is spotted gently move the net into the shrimps path to avoid spooking the shrimp.  Every few minutes pull the net out of the water and collect the shrimp in a bucket or cooler.

Tips and Tricks

  • Green LED lights are easy on the eyes and don’t spook the shrimp
  • Show up an hour before the tide turns to get set up and ready before the run begins
  • Be courteous to other shirmpers, and try not to crowd others

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