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Pompano in The Surf

By: Daniel Hagan - Managing Editor

As the water temperatures continue to cool along Florida’s shores, the Pompano southbound migration begins. Pompano are a favorite fish among many surf fishermen for their sporty fight and great flavor, and in the early parts of Florida winters they are caught often along the beaches.

Pompano Surf Fishing Gear

Pompano are in the jack family so they put up one of the best fights of any fish their size, but they only average about 1-2 pounds off of Florida shores. The gear used will depend greatly on the distance needed to cast.

For long casting needs:

For short casting needs:

Pompano Surf Fishing Bait

Pompano live almost exclusively off of shell fish. They can be caught from time to time on minnows, but it is rare. They are frequently caught on small tube jigs, and small lures that resemble shrimp or crabs.

Best baits:

Pompano Surf Fishing Techniques

Pompano hang out just behind the breaking waves along the beaches. They wait for a wave to break and stir up the bottom revealing the food. Cast just beyond the breakers with a double hook dropper rig.

If the beach has 2 sand bars causing 2 breaks cast one rod beyond the first and one beyond the second to find where the fish are holding for the day.

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