How to Catch Mud Minnows

Mud Minnows are one of the most popular and most effective baits for Redfish, Flounder and Mangrove Snapper. They are often easy to catch and are very easy to keep alive, here is how to catch them.


Mud Minnows get their name because of where they like to live. They prefer muddy bottoms, but are also found over sandy bottoms. Mud Minnows are frequently found around oyster beds, mangrove line and even boat ramps.


Mud Minnows are most often caught using a cast net, however trapping them can be even more effective.

Any cast net that has a small enough mesh size (under ½” ) will do. Size can range from 4’ up. Of course, the larger the cast net the better the chance of catching mud minnows.

For traps, any minnow trap that can be bought at bait shops would work well.


Cast Netting

Mud Minnows spend most of their time in quite shallow water, so sight casting works well. Walk the water line near any of the areas they are known to frequent. When a Mud Minnow is spotted throw the net over them. They will most often be found in school so if one is spotted, there are most likely more around.


In an area that has very little tidal movement place the trap in shallow water, with about 1/4th of the trap exposed. This will put the trap in the depth that the Mud Minnows spend most of their time.

In areas that are tidal place the trap at low tide using the above technique. Mud Minnows are most active at low tide so placing the trap in the preferred depth at low tide will help insure a larger catch.

Tips and Tricks

  • When trapping experiment with different baits.
  •  Cut fish and shrimp heads work well.
  • Low tide is the best time to cast net mud minnows