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How to Catch Whiting

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The single best bait for Whiting is the Sand Flea. Sand Fleas are small (about the size of a large thumbnail to the size of a quarter) crabs that live in the sand along Florida’s beaches. Sand fleas can be either caught using a sand flea rake (watch for the tell tail V shaped ripples above the sand) or bought at select bait shops.

Other popular baits include live shrimp, fresh peeled shrimp, cut clams and oysters.

When using sand fleas insert the hook on their softer under belly and run it through the top shell, this will keep the bait on the hook as well as release a sent. Peeled shrimp, clams and oysters should be kept to a size small enough to fit in a whitings mouth and threaded on the hook to where the point and barb are just barely visible. When using live shrimp, thread the hook through its shell just behind the horn.

While whiting have been known to take an artificial bait from time to time (primarily jigs and scented artificial shrimp) they are not frequently targeted with lures.

Fishing for Whiting – Presentation

When fishing for whiting from Florida’s shores it is best to look for areas that have two sets of breaking waves. The first set will break near the beach and the second a little further off shore. The second set is breaking on a sand bar (the sand bar moves in and off shore slowly because of currents and tides over days/weeks). Between these two areas is what is known as the trough, that is the single best place to fish for whiting.

After locating and identifying a trough, set up a 2 hook dropper rig that has enough weight on the bottom to cast out to the trough and to prevent the waves and current from moving the bait out of the trough. If more than 3oz of weight is needed, a sputnik weight may be called for (a weight with small arms that grab the sand to stop it from moving).

A popular presentation for whiting is to use two different types of bait until the most successful one is determined for the day. Place a sand flea on the bottom hook and a piece of pealed shrimp or clam on the top. The bait that catches the most whiting that day can then be used on both hooks to increase the amount of fish caught!