Inshore Snapper

Florida’s inshore Mangrove Snapper season is about to begin, and it is time to start preparing to catch these tasty and feisty fish.

Mangrove Snapper Gear

Inshore Snapper do not frequently get over 14” so most inshore equipment will work. Bait casting, spinning and even light spin casting gear can work, but here is a list of suggest gear:

  • Baitcaster or Spinning real in the 15-20lb class
  • Medium action 15-20lb class rod
  • 20lb braided line
  • 15lb fluorocarbon leader
  • #1-2/0 Circle Hook
  • ½-2oz egg sinker

Mangrove Snapper Techniques

Mangrove Snapper spend their entire life near heavy cover. From their namesake mangrove shorelines to deep off shore reefs. When looking for inshore snapper look around docks, piers and mangrove shores. Here are a few techniques to help:

  • Live bait is best – Mud Minnows, Small Finger Mullet, Live Shrimp
  • Allowing the bait to slowly drift with the current will bring more strikes
  • Because they prefer heavy cover, reel the fish up fast to avoid cutting leaders on cover

Mangrove Snapper Tips

Snapper are very good at steeling bait. Using the smallest sinker that will hold bottom and a smaller hook will lead to more strikes.