Pier Fishing – Fish Under the Pier

The Florida Coast and its Inter Coastal Waterway are littered with great quality fishing piers. From private piers, to free public piers, there are all types and sizes. For many fishermen with out a boat, a Florida Pier is the best option for catching quality fish.

No matter what pier you fish, it always seems that the majority of the fishermen want to get out to the end of the pier and cast as far off shore as possible. Their theory is the deeper the cast, the better the chance is for catching a large fish. But, when it comes to pier fishing, this is not always the case.

Fish UNDER the Pier

Fish, by nature, are attracted to cover. Small fish and crustaceans use the cover to hide from predators. Big fish use the cover as an ambush spot to catch and eat the small fish and crustaceans, and piers offer the type of cover that both are looking for.

By fishing under the pier, the chance of catching one of the larger fish that is hanging out looking to ambush its prey increases. Most Black Drum, Mangrove Snapper, Redfish and Flounder that are caught from a pier are caught either under the pier or near its pylons.

Fishing under a pier tips:

  • Use a stout pole with strong line; there are many places for a fish to cut your line when fishing under a pier.
  • Most piers allow 2 poles per person; start out with one pole under the pier and one cast away from the pier. When you find the fish, adjust the other pole accordingly.
  • Large live shrimp, Mud Minnows and Finger Mullet are great baits to soak under a pier.