Pompano Run


Pompano are a migratory fish that moves up and down the Florida Coast Line.   They tend to stay in water that is between 68-75 degrees  and will migrate up and down the coast to find those ideal water temperatures.

 Here are a few things to watch for when waiting on the Pompano Run:

  • In the Spring Pompano will be running from the South to the North, watch reports from areas south of you
  • When the surf temperature starts to rise above 68 degrees pompano may start to move in
  • Pompano prefer silty water with lots of movement, so look for days that have a decent current and moderate wave action
  • Once the surf reaches over 75 degrees there is a good chance that Pompano will move on to find cooler waters

These fish are highly sensitive to water temperatures and are constantly on the move to find the waters that suit them best.

Good luck!