Using a Barometer to Catch More Fish

One aspect of fishing that is often over looked by the casual fisherman is Barometric Pressure. Barometric Pressure is the pressure of the atmosphere. Over the course of a day it can rise, fall or stay stagnant, and all of these affect fishing.

Low Pressure

Low Pressure will cause fish to stop feeding. Barometric Pressure lower than 29.6 millibars will shut fishing off almost completely.

High Pressure

Fish will continue to feed under high atmospheric pressure, all the way up to 31 millibars. Once pressure goes above 31 millibars fish will stop feeding!

Falling Pressure

Feeding is triggered by a fall in pressure. For the first hour of a falling barometer fish will be feeding heavily and will then start to slow.

Steady Pressure

An unchanging barometer is the worst case scenario for fishermen.

Rising Pressure

Fish will feed heavily during raising pressure. A raising barometer between 29.8 and 30.4 millibars is ideal!