Report: ICW Near Ponce Inlet

My wife, Carl and I decided to spend the morning fishing from a private dock on the ICW near Ponce Inlet. We arrived at the dock 30 minutes before the sun started to show its self with a bucket full of live shrimp and my cast net ready to catch Greenbacks.

Before the sun came up both Carl and I tossed a live shrimp near the channel and I waited for sunrise to throw the net. While waiting my first cast led to a small catfish and so did Carl’s.

Carl then landed a whiting and I followed up with another catfish! By now the sun was starting to peak out and I could see where the green backs where hiding. My wife helped me spot them and in one cast I had a bucket full of small greenies!

The plan for the day was to have a greenie under the pier for snapper and a shrimp near the channel for what ever else was hungry, and this plan worked out well!

My wife, Caryn, started to land a few whiting and a pair of small lane snappers. Carl landed a few more catfish a few whiting, a blue fish and a small sting ray, and I caught all of the above except a blue.

Over all we had a fun time and here is the total tally:

Catfish: 5
Sting Ray: 2
Whiting: 12 (up to 14”)
Bluefish: 1
Ladyfish: 5
Lane Snapper: 6
Sheepshead: 1