Report: Ladies Night (day) at Sunglow Pier

I have been reading reports about Redfish after Redfish coming over the rail at Sunglow Pier so I figured I had to go see for myself. I woke up long before sunrise, drove to an area where I can net finger mullet pretty reliably and made my way to the pier.

At the pier I set up one pole with a live finger mullet and one with a live shrimp. The current was running to the north pretty strong, but I could see fish in the surf on the south side, so I had to put a 1oz lead on the shrimp and 2oz on the mullet.

Right after sunrise I caught a redfish that messured 13”. Not too impressive, and it was the only one I saw come over the rail for the day. There was, however, many fish coming over the rail! Lady Fish after Lady Fish.

Almost every cast I made with live shrimp for about 2 hours ended up with a lady fish either coming over the rail or jumping free of the hook. While lady fish are fun to catch when they are big, these were not large at all. Only about 12” on average.

When the lady fish stopped hitting the Sheepshead started. They were all undersized as well. I caught about 8 between 9-11”.