Spanish Mackerel Run About to Begin

As the water begins to warm up, so will the Spanish Mackerel fishing. Spring is here and what should be the last cold front has passed through, so the Mackerel should not be far behind.

How to Catch Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel are very fast fish, and they tend to react better to fast moving food. A sturdy plug, like a Gotcha Lure, works great when presented with a fairly rapid retrieve. Spanish Mackerel are known for their very sharp teeth, so many anglers us a think wire leader to prevent the line from being cut.

Catching Spanish Mackerel from a Pier

Most piers in Florida will hold Spanish Mackerel. The end of the pier tends to be the hot spot, so get there early and claim a spot. Throw a plug into the waves and retrieve it rapidly. Be prepared for a fast moving fish that will try to wrap your line up with those that are fishing around you!

Catching Spanish Mackerel from the Beach

A good sign that Spanish Mackerel are in the area is nervous baitfish and birds above. If you observe this, and it is in casting distance cast a Gotcha Plug in the area and use a rapid retrieve. If they are beyond casting distance, use a live minnow or finger mullet and hope to bring them in closer!

Good luck!