Whiting Abundant Along Florida’s Coast


All along Florida’s coast reports of frequent Whiting catches have been coming in.  It is not uncommon to see reports of 12-20 Whiting catches in a single day:

“Arrived just after daylight. Found cold NW breeze, 2′ surf, light current to the south and clear water. Whiting were chewin’! Caught 17 whiting and four blues in 1.75 hours on one pole. Released three whiting and the blues.”  – FishingFool

The above report is not uncommon this time of year, and one popular place to catch whiting is from piers on the beach, here are some tips to help increase the amount of whiting caught.


  • Use a 2 hook dropper rig with 1/0 or smaller circle hooks
  • Use only the amount of weight needed to hold bottom
  • Cast down current, when casting up current the current makes it difficult to detect a bite
  • Fresh pealed shrimp are one of the best baits

Now go catch a few of those tasty fish!  Good luck and good fishing!