Spring Cobia from the Piers

One of the hardest fighting and most uniquely flavored fish to be found around Florida’s cost is the Cobia.  It averages around 20 pounds inshore, but can grow to over 100 pounds.  During the spring Cobia can be caught from ocean side piers.  Here are a few tips:


  • Cobia a vicious fighters so a 30-35lb rated rod and reel a required
  • 30 pound test braided line works great
  • Use a 40-60lb florocarbon leader to help prevent breaking off near pylon

Baits and Lures

  • Pogies and any other similar sized live baits work well (use 5/0 circle hook or bigger)
  • Large jigs tipped with large grubs are GREAT cobia lures


  • When actively feeding Cobia are not difficult to get to bite, get a live bait in front of them or run your jig past them quickly, if they are feeding, they will bite.
  • Cobia move quite a bit, so be ready for them when they show up, they may not be there long
  • If you see a large ray of any kind, or large turtle, there is a good chance there is a cobia with it.

Check local reports to  see any cobia are being caught in your area.  They are not always around inshore piers, but when they are, they are well worth the effort!