Flattie Fishing

One of my favorite fish to eat is the Flounder. They have a light, flaky, subtly flavored meat that works well with any recipe calling for white meat fish. Another bonus is they are abundant during the warmer months around Florida’s Shores.

Today I decided I would go on a hunt for some dinner. I had 3 locations picked out for the hunt and arrived at location #1 about an hour before sunrise. I started presenting a Gulp Shrimp and within 5 or 6 casts had my first Flounder in the cooler. For the first hour I hooked into a flounder about every 10 minutes, then it died off.

I moved to my second location about an hour after sunrise. This location has produced tons of flounder for me over the years, but today was not-to-be. The tide was at its strongest movement, making it very difficult to present any lure on the bottom. So I moved on after only 10 minutes of fishing this location (I knew the tide would be ripping for another 2 hours).

Location 3 is further away from the main channels and has much less tidal flow. This location put 2 more flatties in the bucket for total of 6 for the day (2 good meals for the wife and me).

I had “post lunch” plans, so I had to get on the road and head home. Not a bad day on the water!

(Sorry for the lack of pictures, I forgot my camera today, and my cell camera is horrible)