Florida Winter Shrimp Run

This is the first post in a series called “Winter Shrimp Run”. Winter Shrimp run will focus on the up Winter Shrimp season in central Florida, Mostly in New Smyrna and Oak Hill.

The falling temperatures that come with fall are a signal to many in Central Florida that it is time to start getting ready for the winter shrimp run. Starting in late November and picking up in December the winter shrimp run is one of the most anticipated events of the winter for many shrimping enthusiasts.

In the winter shrimp of all sizes start to leave the backwaters and head for deeper water. As the shrimp are heading out to the deep waters they wait for heavy tidal movements to aide in their passage.

2-3 days before and after a full moon tides in the Ponce Inlet area are ideal for catching shrimp in the winter. They will ride the tide out to the open ocean, and while riding this tide, they can easily be dip netted at night with only a few simple tools.

The first and most important tool that will be needed is a dip net. A shrimp dip net is special built and has a very large net area that extends upwards of 4-5 feet behind the opening. This large net area allows for multiple shrimp to be netted with each attempt.

The only other tool needed is a light. Many shrimpers like to use a submersible light that they hang bellow the shrimp, some like to have a light above the shrimp.   Some piers have lights built in above that waterline, but bellow tends to work much better.

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