Mangrove’s and Mud Minnows

As the summer approaches one of the more popular, and tasty fish to catch inshore is the Mangrove Snapper , and one of the best baits for inshore Mangrove Snapper is the Mud Minnow (Learn how to catch mud minnows).

Mud Minnows

Mud Minnows can be easily cast netted in most areas in Florida and bought in many quality bait shops. They range in size for very small up to 5-6”. When fishing for Mangrove Snapper medium sized Mud Minnows work best.


Inshore Mangrove Snapper do not get very large, usually no more than 18” so most inshore salt-water equipment will work well. The one concern is they live near structure so a stiff rod can be quite helpful.

Suggested Rigs

A great rig for catching Mangrove Snapper is a Carolina rig. Use a 1/0-2/0 circle hook on the end of a 12-20” 12lb test fluorocarbon leader. Attach the leader to a barrel swivel with a glass bead on the main line between the swivel and a sinker just heavy enough to hold the bottom.

Mangrove Snapper Habitats

Florida Inshore Mangrove Snapper can be found around most types of structure. They are often found around mangrove, piers and bridges. Like most snapper they prefer to be low in the water column, but can be found schooling mid-water.

Catching Mangrove Snapper

Live Mud Minnows are very hardy and will last a long time on a hook. Thread the hook through its lips and soak it on the bottom near structure. Mangrove Snapper will hit the bait rather aggressively so their strikes are easy to detect. With a circle hook, do not set the hook, just lift the tip of the rod up and begin to reel!