Whiting Fishing is Strong on Florida Beaches

A year round staple for Florida Surf Fishing is the ever popular and delicious whiting.  During the winter they are one of the few species that can be caught on a consistent basis from the beach, Bluefish being another.

When the Bluefish are running strong, most other fish go into hiding, but it is the time of year when the Bluefish run is slowing a little bit and the whiting are getting brave again.  Reports are coming in from all over the state of multiple keeper whiting per trip.

Quick Winter Whiting Tips:

  • Use a dropper rig that has multiple hooks on it
  • Start with different types of bait (fresh peeled shrimp, clam, sand fleas)
  • After figuring out what bait is getting hit the most, put that on all hooks
  • If bluefish show up, avoid meaty baits, sand fleas will catch more whiting than bluefish