Report: Sun Glow Pier – Reds and Flounder

I had to work an early shift and got done with work around noon.  I got home loaded the car and headed to the Sun Glow Pier in Daytona Beach Shores.  I got there around 2pm (after a quick stop for lunch) and started to fish as soon as I arrived.

For the first 2 hours all I caught were tiny pinfish by the dozen, but then things changed.

I dropped a large shrimp down by a pylon.  The bait started to slowly move against the current so I set the hook and pulled up a 17″ flounder.  The next catch netted me a 22″ red and then I followed that up with a 21″ red.  The 22″ was kept  and the 21″ was released to fight another day.

Sun Glow Pier Redfish

After the two slot Redfish were caught I landed 3 more under slot.

The sun went down and the fishing died off.

All in all a GREAT day on the water!