EARLY Morning Trout Under The Lights

Speckled Trout are one of the most popular gamefish in Florida. They are fun to fight, are quite tasty and can be caught on many different types of lures. One of the best times to catch them is the hours leading up to dawn.

Many bridges, dock and piers are well lit at night. These lights attrack bait fish, which in turn attracts trout. About 2 hours before the sun rises trout can be found busting bait around most structure that is well lit.


Most trout found at this time of the morning are well under 5 pounds. Any saltwater gear will do just fine, but for a good fight, gear rated at or bellow 10 pounds works great. Lures that mimic bait fish work the best but shrimp lures and other lures work as well.


Cast beyond the light field and retrieve the lure. Most times a steady medium pace will work the best, with a few jerks thrown in to add action. When the lure hits the outside of the light field, be ready for a strike. When using a top water, make sure to pop it around to make noise to attract the trout!


  • Start looking for trout around 2 hours before sunrise
  • Anywhere baitfish hang out, trout are sure to be close
  • Be sure to handle trout properly if they are to be released, their slime coat is very sensitive
  • Beware of sharp teeth, it is easier to get bitten in the dark