Cool Weather Fish are Arriving

In the surf, the cool weather fish are starting to show up.  Reports of Blue Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Sheepshead and Pompano are starting to come in.  These fish are most often caught in the cooler months here in Florida and they are starting to show up!

Blue Fish

  • Very aggressive feeders, will hit anything moving
  • Sharp teeth can cut normal fishing line easily
  • 12″ to fork minimum limit

Spanish Mackerel

  • Responds well to fast moving minnow type lures
  • Very sharp teeth
  • 14″ to fork minimum size limit


  • Hangs out around pilons and other structure
  • Very hard mouth, sharp hooks are needed
  • 12″ minimum size limit


  • Found behind the breaking waves in the surf
  • Sand fleas are the best, but shrimp and clam work well
  • 11″ minimum size limit