Just one of those days!

I set out this morning with the intentions of catching a few Redfish and Trout in the Thousand Islands area of Coca Beach. I arrived at my “secret” spot around sun rise and started throwing an assortment of Gulp Alive lures in hopes of accomplishing my goal. After a few hours of failing to do so, I finally felt some weight on the end of my line!

The weight did not feel like anything I have ever felt before.  It was not “running” but it was moving, and doing so in an odd fashion.   By its sluggish movements and light weight I thought I may have hooked into a very small flounder.  I WAS WRONG:


That’s right folks, its an old dirty sock!  Not quite the old tire or licence plate you always see in cartoons, but I did catch a SOCK!  (You can see the look the guys in the boat are giving me… its a classic “What The???”

The sock “battle” took my motivation away, and I got lazy, which somewhat paid off.  About 30 minutes later I felt a familiar tap on a Gulp Alive Shrimp.  I set the hook and the fight was on.  Again, the fight seemed odd, but this time it was clearly a fish.  I reached for my landing net, the fish was not coming in easy so I didn’t want to lose a large fish, but once I saw the fish I quickly figured out what happened.

It was a 10″ trout that was foul hooked in its belly.  As I was reeling the fish in, not only was I fighting the fishes efforts, but it was coming sideways causing a lot of resistance in the water.

After that, I decided to call it a day…  One of THOSE days!