Springtime Black Drum

One of Florida’s most popular, and flavorful fish to catch in the spring is the less regulated cousin of the Redfish, the Black Drum.  Black Drum are very similar to in flavor and appearance, but there are some very different techniques used to catch more Black Drum.  Here are a few:

Where to find Black Drum:

  • Black Drum are found through out Florida’s inshore and near shore fishing grounds
  • Black Drum favor soft bottoms near heavy structure
  • They are frequently found around piers in the surf, and deep holes near bridges and docks inshore

Tackle for Black Drum

  • Black Drum average around 20-28″ in Florida, but the largest can be over 100 pounds
  • A medium action rod in the 20 pound class will work well for most fish
  • 40lb braid main line with a 20-30lb leader works well to get the fish away from structure
  • Use enough weight to keep the bait on the bottom
  • a 2-4/0 circle hook works well


  • Black Drum are not often caught on artificial lures (although possible) so live bait is the preferred method
  • Live or fresh pealed shrimp, sand fleas, blue crab and clams are all great baits

When Black Drum are actively feeding they will often be found in small schools.  When cover is found near deep water, there is a good chance a few Black Drum are in the area.  Get your bait near the structure and hold on!