Location Suggestion – Wading Mosquito Lagoon

One of the top locations in the world to catch redfish is the Mosquito Lagoon. Located in East Central Florida, this expansive lagoon is home to some of Florida’s most productive grass flats, and wading is a great method of getting into the actions.


Mosquito Lagoon’s most popular fish are Redfish and Trout. They range in size from under a pound to over sixty pounds. While wading the lagoon, a sturdy, yet sensitive rod and reel combo with 12 pound test monofilament is a great set-up. There is not much structure in the lagoon to foul the line, so 12lb test will work for even the largest fish if fought properly.


Many techniques are very popular in the Mosquito Lagoon for catching Redfish and Trout. The two most popular are sight fishing and blind casting to holes.

Sight fishing

Almost year-round redfish can be found foraging for food with their tails sticking up in the air. When a school is found, or even a single fish, approach the fish quietly, cast beyond the fish and work the bait/lure slowly to the front of the fish.

Blind casting holes

Grass flats cover much of Mosquito Lagoon and through out the grass flats are sand holes. These holes offer ambush points for predators like Redfish and Trout. Cast beyond the hole and work your bait/lure through the hole. A strike will normally come from the edges of the hole.


  • Be aware of surroundings – There CAN be gators in the area
  • Find areas with firm bottom – Some parts of the lagoon are muck