Sebastian Inlet Flounder

The winter Flounder Migration is in full effect and one of the best places to take advantage of this migration is Sebastian Inlet.

This inlet is nationally known as one of the best fishing locations in the world.  There are massive schools or Redfish, multiple Snook but this time of year the main attraction is flounder.


Flounder are fairly lazy fish.  They live on the bottom and are ambush predators.  They wait for their food to come to them.  So when fishing for flounder the best technique is to cast out from the bridge, dock or jetty and SLOWLY drag the bait along the bottom.  Fan cast and repeat this method.  If you think you are going slow enough, slow it down a little bit.


For the large flounder in the inlet nothing beats a finger mullet.  Large shrimp, small pinfish and any other small bait fish will work, but finger mullet are the best.


Stout tackle is required because of all the structure in the area.  A spinning or casting rig with 20-30 pound test line will work well with a leader of 20lb flourocarbon.


  • The inlet is VERY popular this time of year, fishing on week days helps avoid the crowds
  • While tossing the a finger mullet soak a pig fish for a possible snook or red