October – Match the Hatch

This is one of the best months to “match the hatch” while fishing Florida’s shores. The fall mullet run is in full swing and fish of all types are feasting on them. Using live finger mullet, cut mullet, or lures that mimic mullet can be deadly this time of year.

Live Finger Mullet

A free-lined live finger mullet is a deadly bait this time of year for trout, jacks and snook. Add a little weight to keep the finger mullet down and they are in the domain of over-slot redfish. Casting a weighted finger mullet and slowly retreating it is a great technique for fall flounder.

Cut Mullet

Some of the waters around Florida are still a little brown from the algae growth in the summer, so a cut mullet can work even better than live. Using a medium sized mullet head will often lead to large redfish. Chunks of mullet catch redfish also, but add many other species to the list.

Mullet Type Lures

If lures are the preferred method of catching fish, lures that mimic mullet work very well in the early fall. A Zara Spook top water early in the morning is hard to beat for trout, redfish and snook. Later in the day a soft plastic mullet, like the ones made by Berkeley Gulp, are deadly on most game fish!