Trout off the Beaches

This time of year (fall) with the Florida fall mullet run in full effect trout move out of the estuaries in search of the mullet. It is not normal to catch many trout off Florida beaches, but this time of year the bite can be strong.

Live Bait

Trout are frequently caught on most popular live baits. This time of year finger mullet work best. Either free-lined or weighted with just enough weight to hold bottom. Trout strike the bait violently, so circle hooks work well, the fish seem to hook themselves.


Any lure that mimics a mullet or shrimp will have great effect. Zara Spooks early in the morning, diving plugs and shrimp jigs in the afternoon. After the sun goes down, anything that makes a lot of noise or vibration works well.


There are multiple regions in Florida that have different regulations for Trout. The size limit is 15-20” slot, with a bag limit of 4-5 fish. Check the FWC’s website to know what the regulations are in your area.