Spring Time Clear Water Tips

Spring is upon us and with that comes a few changes in the Florida Shore Fishing scene. Many of our beaches start to see calm and clear water for the fist time in a few months. With the clear and warmer waters there are a few changes to the fishing approach that can help, here are a few:

Spring Time Clear Water Tips

  • Use longer fluorocarbon leaders
  • Reduce terminal tackle size and weight
  • Make sure all live bait is active
  • Reduce activity on shore or on the pier/dock
  • Speed up retrieve with artificial lures

Use longer fluorocarbon leaders

When the water is clear, like it can be this time of year, it is often rather helpful to use a long, fluorocarbon leader. Fish begin to feed using their vision much more in clear water, and fluorocarbon is almost completely invisible to fish. This invisible trait will lead to less spooked fish and more hits. A leader or 2-3’ works best in these situations.

Reduce Terminal Tackle Size and Weight

Because of the increased visibility in clear water, using smaller hooks, swivels and weights will help accomplish the same goal as using a fluorocarbon leader. Fish can see large hooks and other tackle and will sometimes shy away from taking the bait.

Make Sure all Live Bait is Active

Active live bait will draw far more attention than subdued bait. The clear waters will allow a fish that may not otherwise find a bait be caught because they are attracted to the erratic movement of a hooked bait. Once a bait becomes lethargic, change it out for a fresh and lively bait.

Reduce Activity on Shore or on the Pier/Dock

With murky dark waters, the activity that happens above water is often times not visible to the fish bellow water. Now that spring is bringing clear clean water that changes. Any movement or activity can spook a fish that my otherwise have taken the bait. Reduce movement and activity to increase the amount of fish caught!

Speed Up Retrieve with Artificial Lures

A faster retrieve with artificial lures will lead to more strikes in clear water. With a slower retrieve the fish may have time to recognize the lure as artificial and not strike. A faster retrieve will cause the fish to act on instinct and strike.

Now get out there and fish!