Mangrove Snapper Limit – Inlet Harbor

I spent the night fishing from a dock near Inlet Harbor. I got to the dock around 5pm with a bucket full of live shrimp and mud minnows with a few finger mullet mixed in.

First I put a mud minnow under the dock. I then cast a shrimp and a mullet near the channel.

The mud minnow did not last long under the dock. I caught a nice Mangrove Snapper, 12” inches. Then the pole with the shrimp started to click away. A catfish. “Oh no” I thought, “its going to be one of those nights”

The night continued like that until I limited out on Mangrove Snapper. I then decided to throw my cast net and see if I could get some pinfish, and I did. I put a pinfish under the pier! That led to a few flounder and a redfish. I then tried shrimp under and that caught some Sheepshead and other random fish.

Total Catch

8 – Mangrove Snapper – Up to 14”
3 – Sheepshead – All under 12”
2 – Flounder – Under 12”
2 – Whiting – Up to 17” (both released)
1 – Redfish – Slightly under slot
A few catfish, and other trash type fish!